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About Us

the company was established in 1948 and is a specialist in production of of rubber, rubber-metal and rubber-textile products. Sixty year experience guarantees practical solutions and high quality products.

Our industrial plant is equipped with: mixing rolls, tuber, vulcanization autoclave, calender and vulcanizing presses with shelf dimensions:

  • 500 x 2000 [mm],
  • 800 x 800 [mm],
  • 600 x 600 [mm],
  • 400 x 400 [mm].

Our products are made from our own recipes based on natural rubber NR, styrene butadiene rubber SBR, chloroprene rubber CR, ethylene propylene rubber EPDM, silicone rubber VMQ/MVQ.

The main assortment of products made by our company are: gaskets, ring gaskets, bumpers, elastic cords, doormats, ploughshares, plugs, membranes, shock absorbers and other as individually specified.

We have a reputation of a well-known supplier of rubber products for ship, electrotechnical, mechanical, paper, means of transportation industry and other.

With our own machines we are able to produce various kinds of moulds for making rubber products.

As a flexible company we are open for all kinds of cooperation.

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